Bar staff serving gourmet dish

Connecting Going Gourmet to great bar staff in Melbourne

Full steam ahead for Going Gourmet with the help of Sidekicker’s Melbourne bar staff

Established in 2010 by a small team of passionate chefs and hospitality professionals, Going Gourmet has come to be a sought after catering company for both private and corporate events. Their unique blend of amazing flavours and flexible, convenient service has helped put the finishing touch on hundreds of cocktail receptions, luncheons and dinners. It’s important that Going Gourmet have exceptional bar staff in Melbourne to support their growing client base.


Accessing hospitality staff across the state

With their continuing growth Going Gourmet has a high demand for reliable and professional hospitality and bar staff for their functions. Add in the seasonal fluctuations experienced in the catering industry and Sidekicker was a perfect fit. From the very first weekend Going Gourmet used Sidekicker they saw how seamlessly it fitted into the staffing side of the business. Finding quality bartenders, waitresses and hostesses became easy. Going Gourmet has been able to efficiently provide their flexible and personal services to suburbs all around the state thanks to the large network of Sidekicks, and uses Sidekicker as an integral part of their business operations.

You can learn more about accessing quality bar staff in Melbourne through Sidekicker here.



Empowered and accountable workers

Sidekicker’s rating and review system ensures all of the hospitality freelancers on the platform are accountable for doing a great job. Sidekicker empowers workers to choose which jobs they apply for – so they’ll always arrive with a smile.

Scale up staff easily

Using Sidekicker, Going Gourmet can easily login to Sidekicker, post a shift and choose from hundreds of catering freelancers to assist at their functions. Sidekicker gives them an extended workforce at their fingertips, saving them time and money.

Hassle free payment

Sidekicker’s integrated payment and invoicing function is simple and hassle free, reducing paper work and administrative costs when paying their contingent workforce.