Events staff to help pioneer employee rewards

Sidekicker’s events staff on hand for Pegasus to pioneer the employee rewards industry

Pegasus Group is a pioneer of the Employee Benefits and Events Industry. Their programs and events offer a client’s employees a wide range of benefits, privileges and activities. They look after everything from planning to execution. Like many service businesses, Pegasus Group experience fluctuating workloads and face busy periods and quieter periods. It’s during these busy periods that Sidekicker’s freelance events staff become a valuable resource for them.


How Sidekicker supports Pegasus

During peak times of year Pegasus enjoys being able to access a flexible staff pool for their events through Sidekicker. They regularly engage Sidekicker’s events staff to help their functions run smoothly. From registration attendants and hostesses to event runners, Pegasus can always find the talent they need through Sidekicker.


“There are lots of great event hosts on the Sidekicker platform. There are people with lots of event experience and people who are completing event management degrees, and they have been really successful.” – Brad Langdon, Director

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Save time and money

Sidekicker gives Pegasus an extended workforce at their fingertips. Having access to event and promotional talent across the country saves them time and money on recruitment.

Hand-picked, local talent

All freelancers on Sidekicker have been hand-picked and come with detailed, community rated profiles. Only 25% of applicants get accepted onto the Sidekicker platform.

Hassle free payment

Sidekicker’s integrated payment and invoicing function is simple and and hassle free, reducing paper work and administrative costs when Pegasus need to onboard temporary freelancers.