Caterpac Catering

The Company

Caterpac Corporate Catering is a fast growing catering company in Melbourne, catering for a wide range of events across the government, education and corporate sectors.


The Situation

Caterpac Catering have experienced consistent growth since launching, yet as they scaled and begun servicing larger-scale events, were challenged by significant workforce demand fluctuations.


The nature of the events and catering industry inherently necessitates a flexible workforce, with frontline staffing requirements entirely contingent on the frequency and size of events/clients, which are largely seasonal and highly unpredictable. For Caterpac Catering, this meant maintaining minimal fixed operating costs (i.e. focussing on a full-time management team), and having a pool of casual hospitality staff to call on when and where needed.


However, in an industry where frontline staff are pivotal to success of the business, ensuring this casual staff pool is not only large enough to accomodate growth, but also skilled and of consistently high quality is extremely challenging. Caterpac Catering General Manager, Chris Livaditis, describing:


“HR is a huge challenge. Ensuring people turn up on time, are dressed properly, and deliver great customer service is so important to our business. When you are growing quickly like we are, you don’t always get the time you’d like to induct casual catering staff, so it’s really important to get people who can hit the ground running.”

The Solution

Caterpac Catering joined Sidekicker and instantly gained access to over 10,000 prescreened and skills tested Sidekicks, all seeking flexible working opportunities.

Caterpac Catering now use Sidekicker for all events, sourcing and hiring quality bar and wait staff at the click of a button, enabling them to grow and fill fluctuating needs quickly and with ease.

“The way Sidekicker works is really simple – you post a request for Sidekicks and just select who you need. It helps our operation run smoothly and we know that the calibre of the people on the platform is always high and they are easy to deal with,” says Chris.


The Results

  • Easy and fast access to large pools of skilled staff on-demand enabled successful business growth.
  • Maintained maximum profit margins during growth periods by keeping fixed operating costs low.
  • Maintained high brand standards, able to review all Sidekicks’ profiles (including ratings and reviews) before hiring.
  • Successfully created Talent Pools on Sidekicker to easily re-hire preferred Sidekicks.


“Sidekicker is really our secondary workforce where we can always find reliable and skilled catering staff.” – Chris Livaditis, General Manager.”


Talent Optimisation: Easily re-hire the staff you love

Caterpac Catering can easily save Sidekicks they love working with or create groups based on skills, locations and roles, making it easy to organise and re-hire preferred Sidekicks.

Easily overcome staff demand fluctuations

Sidekicker is the easiest and fastest way to cost-effectively source, hire and manage staff on-demand.

View rated and reviewed profiles before hiring

Sidekicker is fully transparent and gives businesses the ability to select Sidekicks that have all been interviewed, skill tested and have detailed profiles including ratings and reviews–making hiring the right people simple.