Bike n’ Blend

The Company

Bike n’ Blend is a pop up events company with a unique mission. Using specially designed smoothie bike, Bike n’ Blend lets people create their own pedal-powered smoothies, providing entertaining catering and brand exposure at events, whilst promoting sustainability and health.


The Situation

Running pop-up events across Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane requires an extremely nimble and flexible team, with the frequency and size of events being highly seasonal and unpredictable. As a brand centring around a core mission, it was also critical that all of Bike n’ Blend’s event staff, whether permanent or casual, perfectly represented their brand–able to communicate with poise and deliver great customer experiences at every event.


The Solution

Bike n’ Blend uses Sidekicker to source, hire and manage an on-demand workforce of skilled events, customer service and promotional staff for all of their pop-up events.

Bike n’ Blend is able to create and post a request for staff online in under 30 seconds, and are instantly matched to all available and relevant Sidekicks, all who have been interviewed, screened and skills tested, and have detailed profiles with transparent ratings and reviews. This ensures that Bike n’ Blend can select their own staff, and ensure their brand is upheld and all events run amazingly.


Easily & quickly hire skilled staff for events

Sidekicker is the easiest and fastest way to cost-effectively source, hire and manage staff on-demand. Sidekicker gives Bike n’ Blend a skilled workforce at their fingertips, saving them time and money.

View rated and reviewed profiles before hiring

Sidekicker is fully transparent and gives businesses the ability to select Sidekicks that have all been interviewed, skill tested and have detailed profiles including ratings and reviews–making hiring the right people simple.

No more paper work or timely on-boarding processes

Sidekicker’s integrated payment and invoicing function saves time and eliminates paperwork.